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Attestiv Debuts Game-Changing Online Tools to Detect AI Fakery and Authenticate Critical Media

With the proliferation of deepfake AI technology able to create believable videos, realistic-looking photos that deceive viewers, and documents that appear legitimate but aren’t, digital media authenticity leader Attestiv has updated its online platform to help organizations battle deceptive media.

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Cabrella collaborates with USPS to provide an innovative solution for business shippers

Cabrella, a leading name in innovative shipping & insurance software solutions, has joined forces with the United States Postal Service (USPS), marking a pivotal moment for businesses shipping higher-valued commodities.

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Cabrella and Parcel Perform Join Forces to Revolutionize Logistics Risk Management

In an exciting move, Cabrella , the innovative AI-driven shipping insurance intelligence company, has partnered with Parcel Perform, a leading global data and delivery experience platform. This strategic collaboration represents a notable advancement in the logistics industry, as it aims to transform risk management and elevate customer satisfaction.

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