Claim & Subrogation Management

Carrier Agnostic & Fully Paperless Claims Management System with advanced statistics, claim & time tracking & document organization making it easier to keep track of and file claims with carriers directly.

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Claim & Subrogation Management

For any parcel shipper, keeping track of and filing claims with multiple carriers can be a burdensome process.Cabrella’s core claim management software suite can be customized deployed to handle carrier liability claim & subrogation management, captive insurance program management, self-insurance programs and more 

  • Extensive Customized Reporting

  • Multi-User System with top down control features

  • Customized workflows

Advanced Quote & Query

Obtain live dynamic insurance rates based on any unique identifier including carriers, services, countries, commodities & more.

Risk Assessment

Obtain better pre-transit risk intelligence by pinging Cabrella API & Databases to assess risk based on historical occurences and real time data..

Risk Qualification

Cabrella API provides detailed responses when attempting to insure outside of underwriting guidelines including carrier & service restrictions, limits, geographical limitations and more.

Transaction Issuance

Check transaction and claims status via API. Each transaction is stored with unique identifiers, meaning zero duplication.

Claim Filing

File claims via API with document upload included or use Cabrellas readily deployable white labeled claims technology with full back office management handled by Cabrella.

Advanced API Functionality

Our advanced API allow businesses to customize, embed and implement the Cabrella Solution to differentiate themselves from competition and add efficiency and value to workflows & products, respectively


Uncomplicate Your Claims Processes

Claims don't have to be a bottleneck. As a logistics service provider, you can work with Cabrella to implement and embed a customized insurance program in your native product. More importantly, Cabrella can launch a customized and white labeled claim portal for your customers to use within weeks. Add real value for your user base with our simple, AI optimized and streamlined claims technology including features like checklists, email reminders, adjuster chats and more.

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Cabrella’s Customer Service team are second to none in the industry with representatives like John Velgos, President of Sales helping us along every step of the way from setting up our account to mastering their software


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