A TMS looking for differentiation

The Intro

ABC, Inc. is a parcel shipping software provider. By aggregating the shipping volume of their clients, they obtain steeply discounted shipping rates from various carriers that they then pass on to their clients. ABC has built extensive integrations into the major eCommerce platforms to automate the shipping and fulfillment process by connecting directly to client's stores. ABC offers fully loaded shipping dashboard, discounted shipping rates, scheduled pickups, batch-printing of labels, automated packing slips, international shipping capabilities and other must have tools.

The Problem

E-commerce shipping and fulfillment software companies are abundant in the marketplace and in an ongoing battle to differentiate themselves from one another. With the growth of high value parcel volume along with the rise of crime, providing their members with a comprehensive insurance program to replace standard carrier liability has moved to the top of the list of initiatives. By introducing this new program, members will have access to much needed benefits such as:


  1. All risk insurance that includes losses outside of carrier negligence, such as porch piracy
  2. Coverage for Sales Price of items, as opposed to costs of goods sold
  3. Higher limits of coverage without sub categorical restrictions on commodity
  4. Premium Savings compared to standard carrier liability
  5. Fast and efficient paperless claims handling

Implementing an insurance program into their offering is a big value add, but provides it's own set of risks. These risks not only include the liability that
comes with protecting client's packages, but also requires a high level of expertise to make the program sustainable.

ABC turned to Cabrella for help in providing an industry-leading program to their client base and keeping themselves ahead of the competition in the process.

The Cabrella Solution

Cabrella and Company ABC discussed the needs of Company ABC's clients in order to put together a program that complements all parties. It was important to offer a white glove customized program as Company ABC's clients are used to a specific experience that ABC didn't want to change. Freedom and flexibility for the client to continue business as usual, while being able to insure was important, and the ABC experience was mandatory.

Cabrella created a program that allowed ABCs customers to continue shipping their products as they always have, removing requirements such as non-descript packaging and signature confirmation, in order to build the program around the client. This enabled ABC to offer a coverage program to their clients that could be utilized right away.

Cabrella provided API so that shippers were able to quote, bind & void insurance on demand. Cabrella then created an ABC branded, online claim portal where ABCs clients could manage the entirety of their claims activities. This claim portal allows ABCs clients to:

  1. File claims and upload Supporting Claim Document
  2. View important checklists and deadlines
  3. Communication directly with the claims adjuster via a Messenger-style tab directly on the claim
  4. Easily manage and update claim payment preferences, even allowing claim payments to be sent to different recipients
  5. Create accounts to view and manage multiple claims at once

Cabrella Results

Company ABC integrated an insurance offering within their program that sets them apart from their competitors and provides added value to their clients. The transparency allows ABC to ensure that Cabrella is providing ABC's clients with the positive experience that they deserve. Insurance is no longer a service offered by a competitor that they cannot match, with a level of coverage that no other company can beat.