We don't just sell the insurance and pay claims. We take interest in monitoring packages, leveraging data to minimize risk, consult on lowering losses, provide security devices & supplies - and most importantly, help investigate & recover lost packages.

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Claim & Subrogation Management

For any parcel shipper, keeping track of and filing claims with multiple carriers can be a burdensome process. Each carrier has different systems, requirements and processes. Let Cabrella help you keep track of and organize this process.

Cabrella's Cornerstones


Partnership Excellence

We embrace a culture of partnership excellence, viewing every team member as a vital collaborator rather than just a colleague.


Innovative Solutions

We continuously reshape the landscape of protection and logistics solutions, ensuring that our clients receive not only secure shipments but also benefit from cutting-edge, tailored solutions.


Customer-Centric Agility

In a world where speed, infrastructure, and consumer expectations converge, Cabrella stands as a symbol of customer-centric agility.

A Flexible API Integration

Let our API do the work for you. A simple and low cost integration is all it takes to run Cabrella in your system. Help protect your business and products with the next technological advancement in the insurance industry.

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What they say about us?


In 30 years of business I have never experienced such exceptional customer service and assistance. Jesse went above and beyond to make certain an important parcel was delivered and the communication was absolutely perfect. Highly recommend this company. Thank you again Jesse for taking care of us. A+++ service