Single Shipments

Do you need to ship something that is valuable or important to you and having trouble figuring out how to do that through the Post Office or Private Carriers? If so, you are in the right place.

Cabrella’s Single Shipment Program is the perfect solution if...

  • You are a collector and want to send something to be appraised or graded
  • You need to send something to your children in college
  • You have a precious family heirloom that you want to send to a family member
  • You're involved in estate distribution and need to get high value assets to beneficiaries
  • You're shipping an item on loan or consignment to an auction house or gallery

How it Works

Step 1

Click here to fill out a quick contact form

Step 2

Our team will send you an electronic application to fill out that requests information on origin, destination, packaging, and the item.

Step 4

Once purchased, our team will email you a fully insured label and certificate of insurance. We will also track the progress to the point of delivery and update you along the way.

Step 3

Our team will send you a quote for both shipping and insurance with our preferred carriers with the ability to book and pay online.

Single Shipment FAQs

Can I choose to ship and insure separately?

Currently, we only support shipping and insurance as a combined product.

Can I use Cabrella for large freight shipments?

Currently we only support parcel shipments – not freight.

Can I ship and insure shipments to any country?

We support international only to limited countries.


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We embrace a culture of excellence and view every user as a vital collaborator rather than just a client.


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We continuously reshape the landscape of shipping and insurance solutions, ensuring that our clients receive not only comprehensive coverage but also benefit from cutting-edge, tailored solutions.


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In a world where speed, infrastructure, and consumer expectations converge, Cabrella stands as a symbol of customer-centric agility.

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Cabrella Shipping Insurance provides third-party shipment insurance solutions to businesses and organizations at a fraction of the rate of the common carriers including UPS, Fed Ex, USPS, and DHL.

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Navigators Insurance Company

In 2019, Hartford acquired Navigators Insurance Company, a global insurer specializing in maritime, construction, energy, environmental, and other specialty markets. Navigators' underwriters collaborate with Cabrella to offer tailored solutions and coverage for Cabrella clientele in the marine cargo sector.


Meslee Insurance Services, Inc.

Meslee Insurance Services, Inc. is a Southern California-based insurance brokerage specializing in fine art, jewelry, specie, and high-value transit sectors, serving as the program administrator and broker for Cabrella, with a commitment to understanding and meeting clients' specific needs.


The Hartford Insurance Company

The Hartford is a leading provider of marine insurance, offering comprehensive coverage for manufacturers, importers, exporters, distributors, and the logistics industry, with a focus on protecting goods shipped globally through sea, air, and overland transit.


What they say about us?


In 30 years of business I have never experienced such exceptional customer service and assistance. Jesse went above and beyond to make certain an important parcel was delivered and the communication was absolutely perfect. Highly recommend this company. Thank you again Jesse for taking care of us. A+++ service


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We developed a powerful solution to decrease your shipping & insurance costs, increase productivity and provide peace of mind knowing your parcels are covered if something goes awry.