Shipping Insurance for Electronics

In the rapidly evolving tech world, shipping electronics safely and securely has become a growing concern for businesses worldwide.

Luckily, Cabrella understands the nuances and risks associated with transporting these valuable items. That’s why we offer specialized shipping insurance tailored specifically for electronic goods. Our comprehensive solutions are designed not only to protect against physical damage and loss but also to provide peace of mind through solid risk management strategies. 

With us, you can confidently tackle electronics logistics. Backed by a platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, we enhance efficiency and safeguard your investments.

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We Offer Coverage up to $150,000 Per Package

Transit carriers ship a package from (a) to (b). Cabrella is here to manage the risk for everything in between. Streamline your process & ship with the experts. Why struggle with the fuss when you can leave the protection to the insurance professionals?

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Shipping Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

Discounted shipping with our partner carriers and our system supports the following important functionality

  • Side by side comparisons of shipping & insurance costs between any carrier

  • Mix & match between your own accounts and Cabrella preferred partner accounts

  • USPS Registered Mail & Certified Mail compatible

  • Return Label Solutions

  • Pro-Active tracking & notification system / Branded email confirmation

  • Full international capabilities including Commercial Invoice Preparation, AES/ITN Filing & Landed Cost Tariff Estimations

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Shipping Insurance for Electronics

Whether you're a small business, a tech startup, a wholesaler, a distributor, a manufacturer, or an established e-commerce platform, our insurance policies are designed to offer peace of mind with each shipment.

Why Cabrella stands out:

  • Risk Management Expertise: Deep understanding of the logistics and challenges involved in shipping high-value electronics.
  • Customizable Coverage: Flexibility to choose coverage options that complement your logistics process, with limit options up to $150,000 per package.
  • Seamless Integration: Easy integration with existing logistics systems via off-the-shelf integrations or APIs, enhancing your operational efficiency without disrupting your workflow. We can have you up and running in one day.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Stay informed with automated updates, ensuring you always know the status of your shipments and can react swiftly to any issues.
  • White Glove Service: Cabrella provides a white glove and boutique experience for all members including those that ship with Cabrella or those that simply insure with Cabrella.

Cabrella's shipping insurance enables your business to operate smoothly and confidently, knowing that every shipment is backed by robust protection and support.

Block policy

Beyond the Block: Benefits of Supplemental Shipping Insurance

Those who ship goods to customers and partners, often extend their policy to include shipping insurance. While policies differ, there are specific limitations on value, geographical territory, and the services and carriers that are accepted for coverage to apply.


Value Limitations

Need to ship a $50,000 ring but your  block policy only covers up to $25,000? No worries. Cabrella offers coverage up to $150,000 per package. Insure the excess valuation with us and ship without delays or worries. Further, Cabrella policy pays based on sales price as declared as opposed to cost of goods sold.


Other Limitations

Many block policies will have other limitations. Examples include exclusions on certain zip codes (such as 10036 and 90013) or clauses allowing only one shipment to one address in any one day.


International Limitations

Expand your market globally with Cabrella. While block policies often limit coverage to the US and Canada, we have few international restrictions. Sell and ship jewelry worldwide, opening up new business opportunities without worrying about insurance limitations.


Level of Service

Avoid costly overnight shipping with Cabrella. Ship packages ground at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing coverage. Enjoy savings on freight costs while still ensuring comprehensive insurance coverage for various shipping services.



With Cabrella, you're not limited to USPS. Choose any major carrier like FedEx or UPS, even regional ones with approval. Get competitive rates and keep your customers satisfied.


Filing a Claim

In the Jewelry industry, the most common type of loss is in shipping. Avoid premium increases, loss of discounts and the loss of your No Claims Bonus by using separate shipping insurance with Cabrella. Safeguard your insurability and keep premiums low by complementing your insurance program with Cabrella.

What Are the Benefits of Supplemental Shipping Insurance?

Supplemental shipping insurance with Cabrella elevates the standard coverage, adding layers that address the nuances of the electronics market and its unique challenges. This additional protection is tailored to enhance the security and efficiency of your shipping operations, particularly when dealing with high-value, fragile electronic goods.

Here are some of the distinct benefits of choosing Cabrella for supplemental shipping insurance:

Extended Coverage Options

Supplemental insurance provides additional insurance beyond typical carrier limits, ensuring that your more expensive or sensitive electronics have the necessary financial protection against loss or damage. This is especially important for businesses that regularly ship valuable items where the potential exposure exceeds standard insurance limits.

Enhanced Claims Support

Our claims process is streamlined and user-friendly, designed to support businesses in managing claims effectively and efficiently. 

With Cabrella, you can file claims directly through our platform, ensuring a quick response and minimal disruption to your business activities. This process is supported by our advanced system, which enables real-time tracking of claims status as well as automatic updates and reminders, offering transparency and speeding up resolution.

Carrier Flexibility

With relationships with major shippers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS, Cabrella offers the flexibility to choose the best carrier for your needs while still benefiting from our comprehensive insurance coverage. This flexibility allows you to optimize your shipping strategies based on cost, delivery times, and service levels.

Improved Customer Experience

By providing more comprehensive coverage, you reassure your customers that their high-value electronics are transported with the utmost care. This assurance can enhance your brand's reputation and lead to increased customer loyalty, as buyers trust your ability to handle their purchases securely and professionally.

Cost-Effective Risk Management

Leveraging our supplemental insurance helps mitigate the financial risks associated with shipping electronics, contributing positively to your bottom line. By reducing the likelihood of significant financial impacts from shipping incidents, Cabrella's supplemental insurance ensures that your business remains resilient and competitive in the fast-paced tech industry.

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Seamlessly Integrate With Your Existing Systems

Cabrella's advanced shipping software effortlessly integrates with your existing logistics setups, enhancing the capability to handle the intricacies of electronics shipping without disrupting your current operations. With our platform, users can connect directly to popular marketplaces and shopping carts, like Shopify, ensuring that order fulfillment is streamlined and accurate.

Effortless Connection to E-commerce Platforms

By integrating with major e-commerce systems and shipping applications, Cabrella simplifies the process of managing shipments. This connection allows for seamless data flow, reducing errors and saving valuable time. Whether you're pulling orders from Amazon, eBay, or directly from your own site, our system ensures that everything is synchronized.

Real-Time Operational Efficiency

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, our software provides real-time updates and proactive notifications about your shipments. This means you can stay ahead of potential issues and adjust operations dynamically, maintaining a smooth supply chain. When shipping with Cabrella, you have access to white glove service for all carrier-related inquiries, never having to call the carrier and saving time. 

Comprehensive Control Over Shipping Options

Through our platform, businesses can manage various shipping carriers and options, including USPS Registered Mail and Certified Mail. This allows for a high degree of customization and control, enabling companies to select the best shipping methods for their specific needs, all from one accessible interface.

Streamlined Claims and Risk Management

Filing claims is straightforward with Cabrella's paperless system, which supports quick submissions and fast processing. Our intelligent platform also highlights high-risk zones, allowing for preemptive action to mitigate potential losses.

Next Level technology meets unparalleled coverage

Our software gives you the ability to ship, insure, track, manage risk, file claims, build customized reports and more - all through a user friendly platform.

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Integrate, Ship & Insure

Ship and insure using Cabrella Carrier Accounts and software or integrate to your preferred shipping software for an insurance only solution.



Use our carrier agnostic and fully paperless claims portal to manage all claims, subrogation or both. Digital claim statements, adjuster chats and checklists & reminders are a few features that make Cabrella so streamlined.


Specialty high value commodities

Access up to $150,000 per parcel on our commodity agnostic program - all backed by A+ Admitted Insurance Company. Cabrella can also entertain Freight Coverage up to $1,000,000 per conveyance.


Customization at its best

From special commodities to customized valuations and bespoke coverage terms - our team has the expertise to design & manage custom programs catering to the unique and ever growing world of high value parcel.


Pro-active monitoring and alerts

Our system and staff track all packages and will alert you if nay package has an exception, non-scan or similar issue, operating on best in class latency standards. Our security team will also help in recovery when you need it most.


What they say about us?

Jewelry & High Fashion Items

Jewelry & High Fashion Items

Highly reccomend! I was hesitant to switch to a new insurance company, but I am so happy with my decision. The rates are competitive and their customer service is fantastic - super responsive and helpful


Cost-Effective Shipping Solutions

Cabrella offers unparalleled coverage for your electronics shipments and ensures that the cost of logistics remains competitive. Our shipping solutions are designed to maximize efficiency and minimize financial strain on your operations.

Competitive Rates Across Carriers

By offering side-by-side comparisons of shipping and insurance costs between various carriers, Cabrella empowers businesses to make informed decisions that align with their budget and delivery requirements. Our partnerships with major carriers enable discounted rates, significantly lowering your expenses.

Flexible Account Options

Our platform allows users to mix and match between their own accounts and Cabrella’s preferred partner accounts, providing flexibility and access to the best possible rates. This feature is particularly beneficial for startups and small businesses that are looking to optimize their shipping costs.

Global Reach Without the Hassle

Cabrella’s software comes equipped with full international capabilities, including commercial invoice preparation and landed cost tariff estimations, making international shipping simpler and more transparent. This ensures that businesses can expand their market reach without worrying about complex logistics and hidden costs.

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Take Control of Your Electronic Shipments With Confidence

Shipping electronics requires more than just moving items from point A to point B. It demands a high level of precision, security, and trust, especially when dealing with valuable electronics like laptops, A/C units, televisions, transistors, wearables, refrigerators, non-consumer electronics, and more. At Cabrella, we recognize these needs and are committed to providing you with the protection and tools necessary to manage your electronic shipments confidently.

Unmatched Protection for Electronics

Our shipping insurance offers coverage limits up to $150,000 per package, ensuring that even your most expensive items are protected under comprehensive terms that far surpass those of our competitors. This superior coverage allows you to ship with confidence, knowing that your investments are secure against a broad spectrum of risks.

Proactive Monitoring and Alerts

Our advanced monitoring systems track each shipment in real-time, alerting you to any issues, such as non-scans or exceptions. This proactive approach ensures that any potential problems are addressed promptly, minimizing the risk of loss or delay.

Recovery and Support When You Need It Most

Our security team is always ready to assist in recovery efforts, operating with best-in-class response times. This dedicated support secures your shipments and reinforces the trust your customers place in your ability to deliver safely and on time.

Claims Management and Custom Solutions

We understand that the needs of businesses vary widely, especially when it comes to shipping high-value electronics. Our claims management process and the ability to craft custom insurance solutions are designed to meet these diverse needs effectively.

Streamlined, Paperless Claims Portal

Manage all your insurance claims through our user-friendly digital portal. This system facilitates easy communication with adjusters and the uploading of necessary documents, ensuring that claims are processed swiftly and without any hassle.

Bespoke Insurance Solutions

Whether you need higher limits, specific coverage for certain ZIP codes, or unique business model support, our team has the expertise to design and manage tailored programs. These custom solutions ensure that your specific insurance requirements are met, allowing your business to thrive without the constraints of traditional insurance models.

Digital Efficiency

Our claims management is supported by digital tools that include checklists, reminders, and chat features, making the process as smooth as possible for our clients. This level of automation and support is essential for businesses looking to maintain efficiency in their operations.

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Ready To Elevate Your Shipping Experience?

With Cabrella, you gain a partner who stands by your side through every step of the logistics and insurance process. Our comprehensive coverage, tailored solutions, and proactive support are designed to give you peace of mind and help your business reach new heights. 

Contact us today to see how we can help you take control of your electronic shipments with confidence and expertise.

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