The Multi-Faceted Jeweler

The Intro

ABC Jewelry company is a multi faceted jewelry company with various sales distribution channels and logistics routes including both domestic and international exposure, but more specifically

  1. Online B2C fulfilled through their website shopping cart and TMS provider|
  2. Retail stores that serve both as local clientele shopping destinations as well as a point of service for on-line returns (instead of returning to HQ)
  3. HQ to retail (and retail to retail) shipments of items in bulk for sale and display

The Problem

Not only does ABC Company need more efficient shipping solutions, they also need insurance & package monitoring built in & around those shipping solutions. The current setup is problematic and disjointed.


  • They use one system for B2C shipments fulfilled through their website but the TMS provider cannot provide proper insurance & monitoring for the high-value nature of the goods. This results in the additional step of reporting transactions via a separate system to an alternative insurer, daily.
  • They have a second system that is shared for all retail stores to use. The shared aspect of the system would aggregate all data for all client returns - creating a messy and difficult operating system for store clerks. More importantly, HQ cannot limit use of the system and label generation. The current set up allows for generation of labels to/from anywhere.
  • Yet again, they have a 3rd system simply set for B2B shipments. The system has benefits as it allows for insurance of the shipments but lacks features and functionality needed for high-value shippers including proactive parcel monitoring as well as international compliance features such as stream-lined customs and CBP filing, landed duties & taxes estimates and more.

The Cabrella Solution

Cabrella provides ABC Company with a single technology solution to handle all shipments, insurance and technology needs
  1. For the B2C Ecommerce, Cabrella provided an API integration to the 3rd party TMS system allowing for ABC Company to not only fully insure all shipments but also have it all done automatically, via API, without the need to export and report shipments to their insurer - saving time and money.
  2. Cabrella set up ABC Company to use Cabrella TMS, incorporating ABC Company's Carrier Accounts with Cabrella Insurance. The system is set up with multi-user & multi-faceted user control including the ability to

            A:  Fix the Ship To address to ensure labels generated were restricted to returns

             B: Limit the address book to ensure each location was only saving and seeing addresses from local clientele.

            C: Allow HQ to manage each location remotely and also have visibility to specific users and control of their actions.

3.   Cabrella set up the master account within its own TMS so that HQ can generate labels to handle logistics & insurance needs throughout the retail network. This included international solutions with the ability to obtain ITN numbers via API from Cabrella's native API Connection to CBP as well as the ability to estimate Duties & Taxes.

Cabrella Results

ABC Company went from using various systems for shipping and insurance to using one wholistic solution to handle all shipping and insurance needs. All shipments were insured either via APl or via Cabrellas Native Application with ABC Company's carrier accounts loaded. Each retail store had specific users set up with restrictions allowing for HQ to control the processes of each store and have visibility to user actions, control, access and compliance. Not only does the solution provide HQ a birds eye view of the entire logistics operation of the company; it also provides them with real time tracking updates, exception updates and delay updates - on all packages from any distribution channel. All of this with impeccable insurance coverage, claims management, claims support & tech support.