Attestiv Debuts Game-Changing Online Tools to Detect AI Fakery and Authenticate Critical Media

LEHI, Utah, Jan. 31, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the proliferation of deepfake AI technology able to create believable videos, realistic-looking photos that deceive viewers, and documents that appear legitimate but aren’t, digital media authenticity leader Attestiv has updated its online platform to help organizations battle deceptive media. Simple to use, Attestiv’s enhanced detection tools are among the fastest and most reliable solutions to evaluate the legitimacy of digital materials.

According to the World Economic Forum, deepfake online content facilitated by generative AI has increased exponentially. “In 2022, 66% of cybersecurity professionals experienced deepfake attacks within their respective organizations,” and experts predict that “as much as 90% of online content may be synthetically generated by 2026.”

These are serious threats to industries such as banking, insurance, real estate, news & media and healthcare, all sectors that demand the highest levels of integrity, security and compliance.

Launched in March 2020, Attestiv utilizes patent-pending, AI-based analysis and tamper-proofing of digital media, enabling organizations to discern what is real, altered or fake. New generative AI detection guards against photos created through popular text-to-photo frameworks.

Through its updated online dashboard or via APIs that easily integrate into existing applications, Attestiv rapidly analyzes digital assets from any source, making it the ideal solution to protect organizations against fraud, loss and reputational damage. Attestiv’s cloud framework operates at scale, enabling customers to validate the authenticity of digital media either through discrete analysis or integrated and automated into their existing systems.

To thwart the growing threat of fraud and AI-generated deepfakes, Cabrella, a company specializing in providing integrated insurance solutions to high value parcel shippers, recently started using Attestiv. “The authenticity of documents, photos and supporting materials is a growing and critical concern for high-value parcel shippers. Bad actors are using these new technologies to better deceive business shippers, causing significant harm to their bottom line. The growing threat of GenAI led us to proactively engage Attestiv’s solution to battle digital fraud to protect our customers.” said Benjamin Meskin, CEO of Cabrella.

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