Cabrella and Parcel Perform Join Forces to Revolutionize Logistics Risk Management

In an exciting move, Cabrella, the innovative AI-driven shipping insurance intelligence company, has partnered with Parcel Perform, a leading global data and delivery experience platform. This strategic collaboration represents a notable advancement in the logistics industry, as it aims to transform risk management and elevate customer satisfaction.

Cabrella and Parcel Perform's partnership offers unmatched shipment visibility. With Parcel Perform's data pipeline and carrier network, Cabrella's improved shipment tracking feature empowers businesses to make quicker decisions and respond faster to disruptions.

Benjamin Meskin, President and Founder of Cabrella, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the company's commitment to delivering actionable insights that minimize risk.

"There is a direct correlation between how quickly our security team investigates and the chance of recovery. Even seconds matter–meaning instantaneous data feeds are of utmost importance," said Meskin. "Partnering with Parcel Perform puts real-time data at the heart of our offering, enabling our security team to do what they do best–better protect our clients and their customers"

“This partnership is a game-changer,” said Arne Jeroschewski, CEO of Parcel Perform. “By combining our data intelligence with Cabrella’s risk assessment expertise, we’re empowering Cabrella to create a proactive risk mitigation ecosystem that benefits everyone.”

“Cabrella is seeking data quality and proactive support – areas where Parcel Perform shines,” explains Jeroschewski. “Our harmonized and enriched data and dedicated account management model impressed them, and we saw the potential for optimization in key service gaps.”

The partnership between Cabrella and Parcel Perform signifies a transformative shift in the logistics landscape. By harnessing the power of AI-driven intelligence and comprehensive data, the alliance is poised to reshape the way businesses manage risk and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

The future of risk mitigation is now

Partnering in logistics innovation, Cabrella and Parcel Perform empower businesses with real-time transparency, boosting efficiency and confidence.

Cabrella, renowned for its expertise in risk management, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Parcel Perform, a leading provider of global shipment visibility and delivery experience solutions, adds its cutting-edge technology and vast network of carriers to the partnership.

As Meskin, Cabrella's CEO, enthusiastically states, this partnership is just the beginning. The companies are committed to continuously exploring new avenues of collaboration and leveraging their combined expertise to create even greater value for their customers in the ever-evolving world of logistics.

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