Package received with contents replaced with useless items

Our client insured a package to a customer. Upon receipt of the package, the buyer reported to our client that the contents (previous metals) was stolen, and replaced with marbles. Our team investigated this loss and requested a police report. Upon review of the police report, the buyer included information that this happened to a second package as well, but the contents were replaced with washers.

This second package was not related to our client, but to a second precious metals dealer. We took this trend to our carrier security contacts and discovered that less than 2 weeks prior, a 3rd claim was filed on the same circumstances with the shipper being a third previous metals dealer. The investigation showed that there were different drivers for these delivers which rules out the potential for it occuring during the final delivery leg of transit. All signs pointed to this being a scheme being carried out by the customer against multiple previous metal dealers. Requests for identification were made, and the conclusion was that these were fraudulent claims.

Conclusion: Our client was protected from having to issue a refund on the order, thus preventing this loss, and potential future loss if the buyer decided to try the scheme against them again. Further, identifying this buyer as fraudulent allows our client to flag it across all of the brands they represent, that could be potential targets for these individuals down the road.

Discover how we helped our customers.

Another Fraudulent customer

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Discover how we helped our customers.

Another Fraudulent buyer

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