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Using Cabrella is easy. Here’s how: Click the "Apply Now"

We will create a custom shipping insurance plan specific to the way you ship. We can adjust limits and shipping conditions to meet your needs and find the best and most efficient ways to ship and insure. Next, we will create your account for quick online access and then follow up to make sure everything is in order and you are ready to start saving with Cabrella Shipping Insurance.

There are no contracts, no minimums, no set-up fees, no service fees. Simply declare value with Cabrella instead of the carrier and start saving money.

You have a private dashboard to view all shipping insurance activity in one place. What was shipped, what carrier was used, when it was delivered, when it was signed for and more. If you need to file a claim, that information is on your dashboard as well.

Manual Entry:
For organizations with a low shipping volume (5-25 packages per week), create your shipping labels as you normally would and then simply log onto our website using your credentials and copy the package information (Carrier, Service, Tracking, Date, Value & Countries) into the web form.

Integrate & Automate:
For organizations with volumes nearing 10 packages a day, we can integrate directly into your carrier account. There will be no change to your current shipping process. Provide us your carrier access credentials. Once we confirm the connection, yo are good to go.

Import Files:
You can easily upload reports in text or CSV format using comma or tab delimiters. Just export a report including only the tracking number and requested insured value and upload to your Cabrella dashboard at the end of each day. We can also accept weekly declarations.

That’s it! You are ready to go. Enjoy the savings and expanded capabilities including higher limits for slower services, more carrier and service options including the Postal Service and local carriers, less international restrictions and more.